What is Savvy Styling?

By combining high quality “investment items” in classic, neutral styles with preloved, upcycled or budget-friendly finds you can create a home that is stylish and practical for family life that is unique to you and hasn’t cost a fortune.

Savvy styling is being smart with your choices and your spending to create a practical home that works for you.

In our family we have 2 adults, 4 children and a Labrador so our home needs be practical for a large family. We need to maximise the usable space available, and we need plenty of storage!

I like my home to look good. It helps me to relax and lifts my mood if I am in pleasant surroundings. But let’s face it, with 4 children and a Labrador, unless I want to be constantly cleaning and having super-strict house rules, there is no point going for an all white scheme with designer brands. Mess happens, mishaps happen, and as much as I ask them not to, turning my sofa into a den or having pillow fights with my scatter cushions happens!

A family home needs practical, hardwearing and robust furniture.

This is where being savvy comes in. When I furnish a room I think about the items that will be most used. These are the items I invest in – they need to be hardwearing and good quality. I am careful about colour, fabric choices and style – I try to stay fairly neutral and classic with these items so they don’t date too easily.

Then there are items I’m not prepared to pay a lot for because I know that they will be used and abused! Scatter cushions for instance, I tend to buy from discounted stores such as TKMaxx or I buy funky fabric remnants on eBay and make my own.

I scour charity shops, vintage fairs and selling sites for more occasional furniture I can use or upcycle. Not only does this save money, it also gives our home personality and individuality.

Here I invested in a hardwearing armchair in a neutral grey fabric. The throw was inexpensive from IKEA and is machine washable. The cushions were re-covered by myself with a fabric remnant bought on eBay. The wall unit was another eBay find and the side table was from a charity shop.

So that’s savvy home styling in a nutshell. It’s not necessarily low budget but it’s high value for money. Built to last where it matters with good quality, neutral, classic pieces that are easy to update with accessories in more on-trend colours and patterns. Mixed with preloved, vintage items, which can be upcycled to suit your scheme, help to keep costs down, whilst also being more sustainable and providing that uniqueness that makes your home yours.

Published by The Savvy Home Stylist

Interiors obsessed mum of 4. Helping you to achieve a stylish, practical family home that doesn’t cost a fortune or the Earth. Follow me on Instagram @thesavvyhomestylist

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