A Garden Glow Up

Our garden was the compromise when we bought this house. For the size of the house the garden is on the small side. If that wasn’t enough it goes up an embankment so the flat, usable space is reduced further.

One day I hope to get a landscaper to come and dig it all out for us to make a better proportioned space for the size of the property but until then we are making the most of what we have.

The previous owners had the garden landscaped and have made the best of the lie of the land but it’s also a bit restrictive on how we use the space.

They created a walled patio in the sunniest spot which is ideal for a small table. Less ideal for our family of 6! The solution was to buy a round picnic table with integrated seats. Much like the type you find in pub beer gardens. Ours seats 8 and really helps us maximise the available space.

The garden has been landscaped but the curved wall surrounding the patio has restricted our options for outdoor furniture and has been difficult to maintain.

The curved wall surrounding the patio has been a bit of a nightmare to maintain. It’s needed repainting every year! So I decided something needed to be done and cladding was the way forward.

I decided to use Reed screening to clad the wall because it would be easy to follow the curved shape of the wall and trim to the correct height.

I was fed up having to repaint this wall every year so I decided to clad it instead.

What wasn’t so easy was attaching it to the wall! It took a bit of trial and error but in the end I managed it by drilling and plugging holes into the wall and using florists wire to wrap around the Reed and a screw and screwing it down. It was a tedious task that took a lot longer than anticipated but it worked and the reeds are very securely attached.

The Reed screening was difficult to attach but worth the effort!

Next I strung solar powered fairy light up and down the reeds, attaching with small cable ties. I wanted lots of lights to achieve the look I had in mind so I’ve used 5 sets, 1040 lights in total! Luckily it’s a south facing spot that gets plenty of sunlight and the little solar panels on stakes have slotted easily into raised beds surrounding the wall.

I spent £48 on the Reed screening from Amazon and £66 on lights from Poundstretcher and it took me an afternoon to complete.

1040 solar powered fairy lights create a magical space for summer evenings.

Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to follow me for more savvy home styling.

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