Creating an Under-Stairs Dog House

With four children and a somewhat chaotic household, when we decided to add a four-legged friend to our brood I felt it was important for the dog to have a safe space she could call her own. Somewhere where the children were not allowed, where she could go if she wanted some peace and quietContinue reading “Creating an Under-Stairs Dog House”

The Dressing Room

How I created my own boutique changing room at home We are very lucky to have a dressing room off our master bedroom. It’s a small narrow room on split levels with no natural light. (I’m really selling it to you aren’t I?) The dressing room already had fitted wardrobes and a dressing table whichContinue reading “The Dressing Room”

The House

Thought I would tell you a bit about the house so you have a bit of background to my renovations. The house was built in the early noughties. The official description we were given when we bought it was “link-detached” but that’s just estate agent spin on terraced! At one side our house joins toContinue reading “The House”