A Garden Glow Up

Our garden was the compromise when we bought this house. For the size of the house the garden is on the small side. If that wasn’t enough it goes up an embankment so the flat, usable space is reduced further. One day I hope to get a landscaper to come and dig it all outContinue reading “A Garden Glow Up”

The Dressing Room

How I created my own boutique changing room at home We are very lucky to have a dressing room off our master bedroom. It’s a small narrow room on split levels with no natural light. (I’m really selling it to you aren’t I?) The dressing room already had fitted wardrobes and a dressing table whichContinue reading “The Dressing Room”

The House

Thought I would tell you a bit about the house so you have a bit of background to my renovations. The house was built in the early noughties. The official description we were given when we bought it was “link-detached” but that’s just estate agent spin on terraced! At one side our house joins toContinue reading “The House”